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Posted: 2007/10/25 by: Chris Bibey.
No matter what type of poker you are playing, a strategy is something that you need in order to regularly win. This holds true when you are playing table poker with your friends, or in an online poker tournament.
Even if you have just started playing poker, you still need to consider implementing a winning strategy. Obviously, most advanced players have already done this, and are making simple tweaks in order to finalize their strategy.

What is a poker strategy, you may ask? Simply put, this is a set of criteria that you will follow when you are playing the game. For instance, some players have an aggressive style that is full of attacking other players at all times. Would that work for you? On the other side of things, other players have found that a bluffing strategy is most successful for them. Maybe that would be better?

As you can imagine, you cannot copy another player?s poker strategy. It is something that you need to develop on your own as you gain more and more playing experience. Just because one player likes to bluff like a madman does not mean that you will fit into the same mold. But remember, this is not to say that you should never take cues from other players. Sometimes it will suit you well to watch what other players are doing, and then try to use some of their strategy on your own.

A poker strategy is an ever changing one. You will never use the same strategy for too long; unless you are on a great run of success with it. Instead, you will always be looking to make minor changes along the way. If you are lucky, you will never have to entirely revamp your poker strategy. But making minor changes along the way is part of the game. Your goal should be to always have the best strategy in place. And if this means making changes, so be it.

Overall, in order to win at poker you need to strategize. Put together a strategy that plays into your style, and then let things happen for you from there. 

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