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VegasCasinoOnline Video Poker Review

Vegas Casino Online - Video Poker
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By Glenn Haussman Posted: 2006/06/14
As a fan of video poker, I sometimes get the itch to play even when not in my favorite casino. So I was glad to see that not only offered video poker, but takes these card games to the next level by giving me variety and more ways to win.

The online gambling site offers a dozen selections of the online poker I crave. Now I have the opportunity to play various versions, depending on my mood. From Deuces Wild to the 25-line Aces & Faces, this online casino has more games than I have time to play.

Easily navigable, it?s a cinch to select the game I want at any given moment. Just click on the menu choice and the game loads almost instantly. And since minimums start as low as $0.05 a game, even novices can get the thrill of playing for real money. More advanced players can even wager as much as $25 per game, so there is definitely something for everyone here. 

Set to mimic the look and feel of the machines you?d find in any Las Vegas mega resort, each game brings casino excitement right onto your computer screen.

For those looking to maximize their wins, there are four line video poker games, a 10 line game and even a 25-line game. With multi-line games, players begin with a single line of five cards. After the initial draw, simply pick the cards you?d like to hold. Those cards are held through every line of the game, multiplying your chances to win seemingly explode exponentially. That means if you hit three-of-a-kind on the first pull, you not only get paid on up to 25 lines, but have as many chances to pull the fourth card as well.

Beginners will love a feature that prevents you from making foolish mistakes. If you happen to pull winning cards on the initial draw, they are automatically held for you. In brick and mortar casinos, I?ve been in situations where I?ve accidentally thrown away a winning hand, so this feature is a real money saver.

Video poker is an easy game to play, and with a basic playing knowledge you can make the right decisions to slash house odds. The video poker games at are all based on five card draw, a basic game most people already know how to play. Five cards are dealt, and the player then gets a chance replace up to three cards. Payouts are based on traditional poker hands. Payouts start with some pairs and go all the way to the Royal Straight, which could pay big bucks if you?re playing a Progressive machine. Some games even have wild cards to improve your chances of winning.

Probably the best feature of these games comes right after every win. As soon as you log a win -- which seem to come fast and furious -- you can take a chance to double (or half double) your initial bet. If you choose yes, you play a simple variation of high-low. A card is displayed and you get to choose which of the remaining cards you think will be higher than the displayed card. Even better, you get the chance to double your bet again and again as long as you?re making smart bets.

The games were fun, simple to use and the available fast play option made sure I was getting in as many rounds I wanted. In fact, the video poker experience at was so real; I kept wondering why no one was offering to bring me a drink.

Vegas Casino Online with great new video poker games and excellent progressive games to play.

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