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Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino

1) Payout with optimum play: 100.76%

2) 9/5 Deuces Wild VP full-pay: 9 coins for Straight Flush and 5 coins for 4/kind.

3) Strategy includes the prize for a secondary jackpot of 4 Deuces.

4) Approximately every 5000 hands will be 4 Deuces.

5) Optimum strategy is different here and very important to learn before play.

6) Don?t hold two pair as minimum payout is 3z of a kind. One pair only held.

7) Don?t be timid about tossing all 5 cards for a new hand as this is a wild card game.
8) Deuces: Almost 20% of the time, you will throw away all five cards.

9) Never hold one card only, except a Deuce.
10) Never hold two cards unless pair or 2-card royal draw, but not AK.

11) Never hold just one other card with one, two or three Deuces.

12) If there are no Deuces: draw to an inside Royal or Straight Flush because of the wild card possibility.

13) Jack to 7 offers the best straight potential.
14) Play Double or Loose Deuces versions where secondary jackpot of 4 Deuces pays double.


Las Vegas USA Casino

Vegas Casino Online

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