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Online Poker, more than Texas Hold’em and Omaha

By Patrick Thompson

The boom of poker increased during the last years when online poker was born.  Events like the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour and breakthrough news like how Chris Moneymaker’s became a Texas Hold’em Poker celebrity by playing at a recognized online poker room have made this exciting and fast game more popular than any other top 10 Billboard hits of the last decades.  In some years, when people look back at the firs decade of this century, online poker will definitely be on of the most popular and influential events related to the internet of this period.

But there is more to the eye than Texas Hold’em and Omaha High-low.  Behind online casinos, there is a world of poker games which provide various types of action, wagers and amazing type of prices.

If you have ever taken a taste of online gambling and entered a major internet casino, you might have noticed hundreds of games which have their roots on the old western’s 5 card stud, which might be the game most people has heard about in which cowboys played while drinking outrageous amounts of Whiskey and wagering everything from their horses all the way to their guns.  A movie named Maverick comes to my mind when thinking about these times.

Now days, you don’t go to the crappy, dirty bars and sit with 4 degenerate bank robbers to try your luck at the tables. Instead, while wearing your favourite boxers and drinking a piña colada you sit on your computer and 5 minutes after checking your email, you are gambling online in a room that could have more than 8000 players registered with hundreds of tables at your disposition with different stakes, prizes, seats and action.  Isn’t online gambling on sports, poker or casinos the most beautiful thing ever?

Such games have become so popular, unfortunately being affected by a bunch of individuals willing to make it disappear, that new poker rooms and new online poker games are been created every day.

But focusing on the games where you are not playing against other online gambler, we find a vast world of possibilities and entertainment.

The Online Video Poker Galaxy has become a strong asset for internet casino operators and an amazing source of entertainment for the today online gambler.  Several games have become so popular such as: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces and Joker Poker.

Online Video Poker machines are just the same as slot machines you find at most gambling sites, only that poker is involved, quite clever right? The game couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is hit a hand equal or bigger than the minimum hand established by the machine and you are a winner.  You are dealt five cards and you hold the ones you like, click on deal and your disregarded cards will be replaced by new ones,  if you get any type of paying hand, you are paid depending of it’s rank. 

The standard machine will start paying after a pair of tens, which is the case of the online casino game called Tens or Better. After that, imagine any poker hand better than that and you will be paid.  Royal Flush, as in any other type of poker, is the highest paying hand.

Online Video Poker machines became a boom a couple of years ago.  Probably it was caused by pure comments from gambler to gambler. Some guy made a huge profit on a machine, and the word got spread around.  Since then, online gambling on video poker has grown so much, that if you were able to check the activity of these machines of an online casino, it could probably be on the top 5 most played internet casino games among with Black Jack, Roulette and Slot Machines.

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Believe it or not, this game caused a major problem for online gambling operators. If you make some research, notice that a lot of online casinos have placed video pokers on the invalid online games list for bonuses.  Why is this? Simple, when games are sent to this category, it means that they have a big chance for the customer to profit and meet bonus requirements fast.  With features such as doubling and bonus screens the game has become quite popular and a huge success in the industry.

Caribbean Stud, an amazing game which has been present for a while on the gambling industry but never became a huge success.  Easy game, you are dealt 5 cards as well as the dealer and both compete for the best hand. In order to get paid the full amount of your bet, the house must have at least Ace King.  You can bet on a progressive jackpot which pays different prices regarding the hand you get.  Most Online Caribbean Stud games will pay part of the jackpot after Full House.  Hands such as Flush and Straight will pay a significant amount.

All the way from Asia comes Pai Gow.  A 7 card game played with one 52 card deck plus a joker.  Amazing action, however not to popular.  Online gambling has not put a smile to this great game.  Its quite a simple online casino game.  You build two hands, a five card hand representing your highest game and a 2 card hand, representing your lowest ranking game.  Both of them compete against the dealer to determine the winner.  Entertaining game, but has never being a hit.  I believe its mostly played by experienced gamblers at land based casinos more than on online gambling sites.

A fantastic innovative online poker game hit the online casino industry recently.  This is the case of 3 Card Poker.  Fast, easy and with a high grade of action.  3 card has become a major success.  I believe its success on the online gambling business comes from its simplicity.  The online gambler has no need to spend an hour learning it. More simple they couldn’t make it.  Three cards are dealt, you look at them, if you like them you play, if you don’t you forfeit you initial bet.  The dealer pays as long he holds a Queen and you get a better hand. After that, you get paid for pairs, flush, straight, 3 of a kind and straight flush.  The only main difference with other types of poker games is that a straight pays better than a flush since the odds of hitting a straight are more difficult with 3 cards.  Amazing game, if you have not play it, give it a try.  Most online casinos allow this game for bonus wagering requirements and with some luck you might hit some flushes or straight flushes and built up a nice balance on your favour.

Only make sure that when making business with an online gambling site, get some research done. Wagering on the internet on sports, poker or casinos is an excellent source of entertainment from the security of your house.  Remember than when you are ready to play any of these amazing online poker games the online gambling site taking your business must be a reputable one for you to get paid what you deserve, be treated with respect and politeness and on top of that, guarantee that your online gambling experience will be the most enjoyable one.

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