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Online Hold �Em Strategy

The following tips and suggestions can apply to the game of poker at large, but are particularly useful for new online players at low-stakes Hold �Em tables, whether in cash games or tournaments. Remember that these tips and observations are generally true. Particular game circumstances can change everything in a heartbeat.

Know When to Fold �Em

With some experience, you�ll have no problem knowing when to hold �em in Hold �Em. Monster hands have a way of declaring themselves to you, and your concerns become how to wager properly. It�s knowing when to fold �em that gets most people in trouble.

This concept is a corollary to the idea of selectivity with starting hands. If your promising hand looks suddenly very weak indeed after the flop, it�s time to get the &%$!# out of Dodge City. Don�t chase a pot if you get new information that changes your initial assessment. That information may be strong raises or reraises from your opponents, or new community cards on the table. This is especially true on the flop. �If the flop don�t fit, you must a-quit.� Something like that.

Knowing when to fold can be just as critical on fourth and fifth street. You should be watching the board for combinations of cards that could give your opponents strong draws like a straight or a flush. As you get more proficient, you should weigh in factors such as pot odds and specialty moves such as the check-raise. More on these later. The essential thing to keep in mind is that you can substantially minimize a loss by folding out of a hand.

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