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Las Vegas USA Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino

1) Jacks+ VP: Overall payout with optimum play: 99.5%

2) Best full-pay: 9 coins for full-house, 6 coins for flush as shown under one coin line.

3) Jacks+ VP: Hits Royal Flush approximately every 40,000 hands.

4) Jacks+ VP: 20% of hands dealt will be paying hands.

5) Jacks+ VP: 3% of the time, you will toss all five cards.

6) Jacks+ VP: Pair of Jacks+ returns bet only.

7) Keep a five card winning hand unless 1-card draw can make a Straight or Royal Flush.

8) Ace is not the most important card, KQJ are significant as they return your bet.

9) Jacks+ VP: Don?t keep a kicker with a high pair.

10) Jacks+ recommended for limited bankrolls, especially nickel VP?s.

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