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1) The cards in pai gow poker are ranked like standard poker hands; the exception being that one joker is found in the deck

2) The Joker can be played as an ace or the high card to finish a straight, flush, straight flush or royal flush

3) Pai gow poker rules require that the player set two hands--a high and a second highest--trying to beat the banker?s two hands.

4) Rank of 5-card hand must be higher than the two-card low hand.

5) Pai Gow Strategy: if dealt no pairs: play the second and third highest-ranked cards as the low hand and the remaining five cards as high hand.

6) Pai Gow Strategy: One Pair:  The pair is set in the high hand and your next two highest-ranked cards as low hand.

7) Pai Gow Strategy: Three Pair:  Highest ranking pair should be your low hand.

8) Pai Gow Strategy: Straights and Flushes: This should be high hand, and remaining two cards as low hand. These two rankings are easy to overlook, so check carefully.

9) Pai Gow Strategy: Full House: Three of a kind in high hand, and high pair as low hand.

10) Pai Gow: Be the banker as often as your bankroll and casino will allow. That?s where your profits rise.

11) Pai Gow: 45% of the time, game will result in a tie and your bet remains on the layout.


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