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Rate your Poker Prowess

Are you a minnow or a shark?  Answer these questions to find out!
By J. Phillip Vogel

General Knowledge

1. Which of the following is NOT a poker game:
 A. Two Card Manila  B. Omaha 8 or Better  C. Razz D. All are poker games
2.  A ?semi-bluff? is:
 A. Bluffing and then folding. B. Bluffing with weak cards C. Bluffing with marginal cards D. None of the above
3. The cards you should play are partially determined by your table position:
 A. True B. False
4. ?Outs? are:
 A. The number of cards that improve a hand.  B.  The number of cards that hurt a hand. C. A type of poker game  D. None of the above
5. In a ?tight? game:
A. The table is full B. Everyone keeps raising C.  Few players are calling

Money Management & Discipline

6.  What stakes should you play for?
 A. What you can afford to lose B. At a level you can win consistently   C. Both D. Neither
7. A ?Rock? is a player that is generally involved in a hand:
A. Less than 25% of the time B. About 50%  C. 70% or more D.  They play every hand

8.  You should only go ?all in?:
A. With the best starting hands B. Pre-flop  C. On the river  D. None of the above

9.  According to common bankroll theory, how much should a $2-4 table player bring to a game?
 A. $100 B. $400 C. $800 D. $1,000
10. The most important feature in winning poker is:
A. Skill B. Luck C. Experience D. All of the above

Basic Poker Math and Strategy

11. When holding a pair in Texas Hold?em the odds of flopping a set are:
A. 1-1 B. 1-5  C. 1-8  D. 1-13

12. Pot odds are based on the odds of completing the hands compared with:
      A. The potential payoff B. True odds C. Table odds D. None of the above

13.  Which of the following is considered a dangerous starting hand in Limit Hold ?em?
 A. AK unsuited B. QJ suited C. KK  D. AQ suited
14. Approximately what is the casino?s edge in Caribbean Stud poker?
 A. 1.34% B. 2.91% C. 5.26% D.7.77%
15. The best possible starting hand in High-Low Omaha is:
A. AAAA  B. AA23 C. AKQ2 D. A234


16. Deviating from your typical strategy to fool other players is often called:
      A. Mixing  B. Shifting down C. Changing Gears D. Blinding

17. Which of the following is NOT a common ?tell??
A. Trembling hands     B. Re-checking the cards C. Glancing at chips D. These are all tells

18. Feigning weakness with a strong hand is called:
     A. Slowplaying B. Creeping C.  Bluffing D. Drawing

19. A player ?On Tilt? plays:
      A. Quickly  B. Recklessly  C. Cautiously

20. Which type of Hold ?em game is generally considered to rely more heavily on player psychology?
A. No Limit B. Limit C.  Both

Answers: 1:D, 2:C, 3:A, 4:A, 5:C, 6:C, 7:A, 8:D, 9:C, 10:D, 11:C, 12:A, 13:B, 14:C, 15:B, 16:C, 17:D, 18:A, 19:B, 20:A

How well did you do?  Add of the total number of questions you answered correctly to find out your score.

18-20     Shark
14-17     Barracuda
10-13     Bluefish
7-9        Flounder
Less than 7    Minnow


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