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by: Michael.
WHEN Rob Friedman, Executive Vice President Corporate Development at internet infrastructure provider Digital Envoy, brought his legal expertise to the world of online gaming the result was a triumph of vision over technology. From that point on Digital Envoy was destined to become known by its brainchild: geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting is a variant on that most remarkable hi-concept phenomenon: the spy in the sky. Only this time the 'spying' is benign and software-activated. Very simply, geo-targeting ensures that companies providing online gaming services always operate within

the legal framework of the end user's geographical log-on location. To clarify: if you place a bet in Bostwana, geo-targeting ensures your online gaming provider, based anywhere worldwide, complies with Bostwana's legal policy regarding online betting.

As in the real world, the online environment is equally sensitive to the crucial role geography plays in how companies do business. And like any honourable business, the gaming industry has long been concerned about how to promote and maintain its reputation via regulated legal policy across all geographical boundaries. The problem has been how to agree and enforce a standard that is accepted internationally. It is Digital Envoy's geo-targeting genius that now makes this possible.

But instead of the endless bureaucratic negotiations that precede setting up such a global standard, Digital Envoy has done all the work for you and turned international legal policy into a software product. All the provider has to do is install and click. A simple blocking procedure will exclude a player should there be conflict between the provider's interests and the legal framework surrounding gaming as determined by the geography of the user's log-on country.

Because of the exceptional accuracy of Digital Envoy's geo-targeting NetAcuity technology, providers can instantly determine the precise geographic location of

a user?s country, region, city and metro area, plus users' connection speed, all without the use of cookies or inaccurate third party databases. Data and connection speed can be processed for all countries anywhere in the world. And, because the technology

can't collect personal information such as street address, e-mail address, or phone numbers, users can feel secure in the knowledge that their privacy is not being violated when they log on.

This is where the geo-targeting is truly benign, for the system is designed specifically not to act as a cyber policeman. Rather, the technology is a defensive capability, built to safeguard the providers' integrity: a kind of legal shield for the provider.

Digital Envoy has made itself further indispensable to the online gaming industry by ensuring that an internationally recognized casino controls access to its live gaming, gambling and wagering sites while adhering to national and international law. Similarly, lotteries use NetAcuity to allow players access to online ticket purchasing without violating regional, national or international law.

Fully aware of his product's potential for elevating the online gaming industry to a new height of self-awareness, the modestly-spoken Mr Friedman is concerned that word about geo-targeting goes out to those who should know. Knowing that the reputation

and profile of Digital Envoy could rise or fall on the performance of NetAcuity, he will quietly but confidently inform you that the software has a country targeting accuracy in excess of 99%; that it offers the fastest geo-targeting technology with latency well

under 1 ms/transaction; that it can be easily deployed on any new or existing casino applications; that it's scalable; that its reliability boasts seamless upgrades leading to zero downtime for providers' internet applications; and that Digital Envoy promises its customers technical support around the clock 365 days a year.

Sometimes you come across a company that, without thinking about it too hard, you'd just go out and bat for. Digital Envoy is one of them.

© Copyright 2004 Gambling Online Magazine

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