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by: Richard Rowe.
If it moves – brand it. The golden rule in sports marketing taken one step further by Golden Palace who decided that human billboards counted to. What do you need for a human billboard? 1) a human 2) body paint 3) nudity.

The result of Golden Palace?s marketing ideology ? a global streaking revival, a very new take on the term 19th hole, and hundreds of thousands of sportsfans worldwide tuning into Golden Palace casino between match-ups. Undoubtedly, Golden Palace?s streaker marketing campaign is one of the most precocious, cutting-edge and successful campaigns in the world of casino gambling. Richard Rowe, CEO of Golden Palace Casino ( has the bare facts for any of our readers that have been wondering ?what are you guys smoking??

Richard, where did the idea of branding naked bodies come from?

We?ve had a campaign branding the backs of boxers with Golden Palace tattoos at major bouts, mostly in America, and that was very successful and for quite some time. We came up with the idea, but suddenly tattooed boxers were appearing everywhere. So it was from the success of that campaign that we moved onto the idea of tattooing other people- that?s when the original streaker idea came up. As you can see, we have a very creative marketing team.

Besides being creative and avant garde ? what is the association between Golden Palace and naked bodies?

The way to attract media attention these days is by being bizarre and shocking. A naked streaker is something which immediately attracts the media?s attention. It has been a huge success for us. Its also a program that we?ve run for our own fun really. The media has enjoyed it and we?ve had the international attention that the program was set up to achieve.

Streaking was very popular since the 70s, have you revived the whole game of streaking?

Commercialized it I think?

Did you pioneer the commercial streaking concept?

I suppose it?s possible ? there are the innovators and there are the followers and we like to feel that we?re out in front with new ideas. The tattooed boxers was a very new concept, a tattooed streaker again is a very new concept ? we are always looking for and will continue to come out with new different and creative ways of putting our name in front of the public.

How do you choose a streaker?

That?s done by the marketing team. They choose the event and then they choose the streaker. They have found them through the internet on sites about streaking, and Brittney Skye, our US open streaker, was found through an agency.

How did you choose where to streak?

To a great extent the venue is selected by the streaker. Of course we have a group of events that we think are going to get us good media coverage, but the streakers always have their input into the stunt.

Take our streaker Mark Roberts for instance, he?s streaked at football matches, golf tournaments, horseracing, swimming ? a number of different venues. He organizes himself to put in an appearance. Some sporting events are easier to streak than others, and some sporting events are going to command more attention than others. It?s up to him to select the ones he feels he?s going to get the greatest exposure from with the greatest chance of success.

Was Mark Roberts paid to streak?

Absolutely, although I am not inclined to say how much. Let?s just say that its been worth the money.

You used Brittney Skye, a very sexy streaker, for the US Open. Has that been your most popular streak?

Brittney is certainly sexy, but I don?t know that streaking can necessarily be put into the sex category. It?s a bit of summer fun ? that?s what it?s about, but Brittney was certainly the most controversial streak.

The American public is a little more conservative than the Europeans, and perhaps streaking is not quite as acceptable in America as it is in Europe. Brittney streaking in America caused a lot of controversy and I suppose it?s something we?ll have to think about for the future.

So Brittney?s Streak didn?t go down well?

It went down well, but it was considered to be not quite in appropriate taste for a golf tournament.

You?ve also done some absurd streaks. One of your streakers did the Pamapalona Bull Run.

Yes, that?s right. But he wasn?t totally naked for that. He was partially clothed. I would imagine that he felt a little too vulnerable in that situation to go fully nude.

Has streaking been your most successful media exercise to date?

I think it must be the most successful to date.

We have done other things, for example we?ve had a climber back in the Spring who started climbing the Docklands Tower in London, but unfortunately it rained when he was partially up and he had to be hauled in, he couldn?t get to the top.

Do we expect to see more streakers in the future or has that campaign run its course?

Well this program has virtually come to its conclusion. I don?t think it has completed yet however, it is time to stop when other people come in and start doing the same thing. We were very much out front with this. It was an original concept, it?s been a huge success, and it?s caught a lot of attention. I know that other streakers have appeared since, branding other companies. There is one fool who appeared in front of the Grand Prix on the track, he?s a lunatic that?s for sure. And I think that when something becomes too much of a common thing, it becomes annoying. We want to avoid that, we?ve made our point and we?ll probably get out.

Do you think that we?ll see one more streak before Christmas? Or is it getting too cold?

It?s possible. I can?t reveal the stage of the program at the moment. As you?re probably well aware these things are often organized in a very short time depending on the weather and depending on what we think we can attract from a particular event.

Can we expect anything at the Super Bowl?

I?m not going to let any secrets out.

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