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by: Bluff Magazine. Diverse Poker Games Feed.
We just have to ask. What the hell were you doing in OJ’s guest house? I had a bungalow there. You know, being a houseguest in Los Angeles is the best deal you can have. Everyday someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, do you know any great guesthouses?” If anyone knows about guesthouses in LA, it’s me, because it’s the best way to live.

Did you and OJ play a lot of golf in his back yard?

He supposedly plays in his back yard. I never saw that, though. I never played golf with him ever.

So you?re not a garden golfer, but we hear you?re also one of the best celebrity poker players?

I?d like to think I?m a good player. I won a seat online to the Aruba Classic, but didn?t play because I was doing this other TV show. I play all the time. It?s basically about knowing the statistics so you can stay ahead. Reading the players is a very good thing, but statistics are gonna make you win.

Where do you play in LA?

Lately I?ve been playing online at, which is James Woods? and Vince Van Patten?s site ? they?re friends of mine, and I also play at a private house party on Monday and
Tuesday when I?m in town. They?re good players and you get some big pots. One of the guys that hosts the game has a TV show. But the police have busted two houses recently, so we?re not telling anyone where we play anymore. They?re really doing that now; it?s terrible. It?s illegal in California to have gambling at your house. It makes no sense.

Who?s the best celebrity player you?ve ever played against?

I played recently at a poker tournament in Vegas and James Woods was outstanding. He made it to the final table twice while I was there. Jerry Buss, who owns the Lakers, is probably one of the best players too.

You once played poker against Yanni. Is he the biggest pussy in the world or what?

(Laughs) I didn?t know it was Yanni at the time, but he started doing his music and put me to sleep and took all the chips. Seriously, he?s a nice enough dude. If he likes poker, he must be OK.

You have A-K and Yanni is representing A-A. Do you: a) Hit him b) Hit him or c) fold?

I?d attack him with Kenny G?s Afro.
What?s your biggest bluff ever?

All in with 7-2 offsuit. I?ve done it three times and won. Major money involved.

So 7-2 offsuit is ?The Kato??

?The Kato? would be bullets, but I rarely get them. ?The Kato? is going home early.

And maybe an OJ would be ?bullets?. What do you think his biggest bluff ever was?

I don?t know, I?ve never played poker with him.

What?s OJ?s glove size?
Hey man! Don?t go there?


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