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by: Dino The Greek. Online Poker Articles Feed.
Many people are scared of playing online due to the potential of it being too easy to abuse. I find it just the opposite. A trip to the local casino means a commitment of spending a minimum amount for me. And frequently I spend more than my minimum. Anyone who gambles enough...
...will never be perfect in their self control. Here are my top 6 reasons why gambling at an online casino can actually be easier to control spending, then if I was going to a live casino.

a)    A trip to the local casino involves time and effort to get there, parking your car, walking in, finding a table, then cashing in and reversing the process to get home. I figure it takes a minimum of an hour just to get my money on the table at a live casino. Normally where I would risk $100 to play awhile online, and be willing to lose it all in 10 minutes, I?m not willing to spend up to an hour or more for the round trip to a live casino for possibly 10 minutes worth of action.

b)    The reverse of the above situation is staying too long because it?s harder to leave. Ever gone to a local casino, got hot, but stayed too long? I?m not about to take an hour to go locally and only stay for 30 minutes. Online you can play for 30 minutes win a few bucks or a lot and stop because it?s easy to cash in and you?re already home.

c)    Gambling can be like many other vices. Enjoyable in moderation, but not so when done to excess. Being able to gamble online allows me to satisfy my urge to gamble here and there as time permits, and in small doses. The tendency for some gamblers is to binge gamble if they don?t gamble frequently. Some days, I may even spend 30 minutes on my lunch break playing some cards online and that?s enough to satisfy the gambler in me for a while.

d)    Particularly when playing blackjack, there are no others at the table making foolish plays that affect your hand negatively when you play online. Or criticizing you for making a hunch play that?s not in the blackjack handbook. Everyone plays differently and nobody needs someone telling them what to do or how to play their hand.

e)    Drinks and food are easy to access at home, the service is better, and the price is right. And there?s nobody looking for a tip or cutting you off because you?re swearing or had too much too drink.

f)    No tipping required. Everyone is different, but on a night where I?m hotter than a firecracker and playing for a few hours under the influence it wouldn?t surprise me if $200 in winnings is spent on tips and buying drinks. That cuts into the percentages big time.

I could write a book on the mistakes I?ve made gambling in the last 25 years, some of mistakes I?ve made multiple times even when knowing better. Which is the key to success. What matters is minimizing the mistakes, not eliminating them. That?s impossible.

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