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by: Gayle Mitchell.
What are the best Video Poker versions to play? Before replying, I offer this advice. If you aspire to be an educated and serious Video Poker player, there are two requirements:

Learn to read a pay schedule noting the difference between short/partial pay and full-pay versions and master strategies for all or most of the Video Poker games.

One of the top choices is the popular Jacks+ or Jacks or Better Video Poker.

The full-pay schedule for this game is a 9/6 version: (nine coins for a full house, and 6 coins for a flush) and not the inferior 8/5, 7/5, or even worse, 6/5.

Strategy Tips: Never keep a kicker (an ace or high card) with a small pair.

An inside straight is completed with one card only, (e.g., dealt--6,7,9,10)--only the eight can produce a winning hand. This is a good bet to complete a straight flush or Royal.

An outside straight is completed with two possible cards, (e.g. dealt 6,7,8,9)--a ten or five can produce a winning hand. This hand should be held for possible win.

You will discard all five cards approximately 3% of the time in search of a better hand.

Below is the average overall payback percentages for several other top Video Poker versions.

These percentages are maintained with maximum coins per hand, full-pay schedule play and perfect strategy.

1) 10/4 Loose Deuces--4 Deuces pays 2500=100.97%

2) 9/5 Deuces Wild=100.76%

3) 7/5 Jokers Wild--5 of a kind pays 1000, Quad pays 100=100.64%.

4) 9/6 Double Double Jackpot Poker--2 pair pays 1=100.35%

5) 10/7 Double Bonus--2 pair pays 1=100.17%

6) Pick 'Em Poker--pair of 9?s+ min. payout=99.95%

7) 11/7 Triple Bonus Poker--Kings+ min.payout=99.94%

8) 9/6 Jacks+--2 pair pays 2= 99.54%

9) 8/5 Bonus Jacks+--2 pair pays 2, Four Aces pays 400=99.17%

10) 9/6 Double Double Bonus--4 Aces with 2, 3 or 4 pays 2000=98.98%

The first two numbers reflect the payouts for a full house and flush as per one coin payout.

The exception being for Deuces Wild versions--#1 and #2, which reflect the payouts for a straight flush and 4 of a kind as per one coin payout. The minimum payout for Deuces games is 3-of-a-kind.

The actual payout of any video poker machine is determined not only by its schedule but also by how you select discards.

Since playing errors can reduce the payout, just sitting down in front of a full pay machine won't help you unless you learn the correct strategies.

Until we meet again, may all your Video Poker choices turn out to be ?royalty?.

Gayle Mitchell is author of Casino Gambling Made Easier books, Ebooks, booklets & Slots Trilogy.

© Copyright 2004 Gambling Online Magazine This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed

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