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Winning Video Poker Tips
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by: Chris Bibey. Video Poker Various Articles.
Winning at video poker takes a bit of luck, but also some skill. These machines are similar to slot machines, but the main difference is that you will have a better chance of controlling your own destiny if you have the skills needed. But just like any other game, video poker has an element of luck involved as well.
Increase your chances of winning

  After all there is no way of controlling the cards that are dealt to you. 

If you want to win at video poker there are five tips that you can follow in order to increase your chances of success.  Following these tips do not ensure that you will win any money, but they can help your situation in the long run.

1. Make sure that you know the rules of the video poker machine that you are playing at.  There are several different types of video poker, and you will want to know which one you are playing.  Generally speaking video poker is played in the same was as draw poker.  The only real difference is that you will be playing against a machine instead of actually going up against human competition.  A lot of people like this better because when they play video poker they can take their time, and not have to worry about anybody but themselves.

You will also want to know how to make the right moves during the game.  For instance, if you receive cards that you want to keep you will need to know how to ?hold? them.  Catching on to these details is quite easy because the buttons are self explanatory.

2. Not every video poker machine is the same.  You will play each game basically the same way, but the difference at the machines is that some of them have higher payout rates for the best hands.  So if you are going to play video poker, why not test out the machines with the best payout rates?  This way if you happen to win you will get your monies worth.  The bottom line is that if you are going to play you might as well give yourself the best chance to win the largest amount of money possible.

3. Many people want to only bet a coin or two when playing video poker.  There is nothing wrong with this, but you cannot expect to win big this way.  Most video poker machines allow you to bet up to a maximum of five coins.  You should do this so that the payout you get is as high as possible. 

Playing the maximum amount of coins may lead to you running out in a shorter amount of time, but this is the best way to play.  It maximizes your chance of winning big at every hand.

4. Winning at video poker takes a bit of luck and a bit of skill. But if you do not give yourself time to win you can never expect to come out on top.  In other words, if you want to be a success with video poker you will want to stay at a machine for as long as possible.  The longer that you play, the better chance you have of hitting the jackpot.

Yes, playing longer is going to take more money on your end. But if you are lucky you will be making small amounts along the way to help sustain your time at the machine.

Even though you may get lucky and play a video poker machine at the right time, chances are that you will need to play for a little bit if you want to get the best results.

5. The biggest difference between video poker and slot machines is the strategy used. With video poker there is more to winning than luck.  You need to know how to play poker. The better you are the better chance you have of winning.

Before starting any game of video poker make sure that you have a strategy in place that you are going to follow. Every person will have their own unique strategy, because everybody has a different playing and wagering style. Coming up with a top notch strategy before you get started with any game of video poker is a key to success.

Overall, you can win at video poker if you follow the five tips listed above.  They may not ensure your success, but they can definitely put you on the right track from the first hand that you are dealt.

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