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by: Patrick Thompson.
People say that empires are long lasting… Well, apparently Party Poker’s and 888’s empire didn’t last much with the recent US actions towards online gaming.

High Stakes on Poker Networks

Be honest, they might focus on European and Asian Markets but they are suffering the consequences of those millions of US players not raking for them. 

The recent events on the poker environment have been shocking and astonishing.  I remember playing for fun my very first time at Party Poker probably 3-4 years ago.  Then huge guys emerged like Ultimate Bet, Absolute, Full Tilt and let?s not forget the big guys from Poker Stars.  But lately, the poker world has been fuzzy and its future unknown.  One thing is certain, those tournaments and tables won?t stop growing and expanding. Some rooms will be heading down different roads, but others have been focused more than ever in generating profits from all those loyal fans in North America.

So not only Casinos and Sportsbooks have suffered the consequences, but also software providers and poker rooms as well.  The software giants Cryptologic and Playtech announced no more than 2 months ago their withdrawal from the US market and several poker rooms have announced the same.  Well, maybe not the poker rooms, but their software providers.

Probably one of the most talked about news is Playtech buying over Tribeca.  Good for Playtech? pretty bold move now days.  Apparently they want to capture Tribeca?s vast empire in Europe.  Last week, amazingly, Tribeca released the awful truth that they will be leaving the American Market as well.  This news didn?t come easy to a lot of people.  One who must be a little bit stressed must be Mr. Brunson. Yes, Doyle?s Room is one of the poker rooms who have claimed they will keep taking US business, but how to provide a service without software? Most likely Doyle has an Ace up his sleeve ready to surprise all his loyal customers.  But not only Mr. Brunson?s ground is shaking, Golden Palace, one of the most famous casinos, (for good/bad business or their advertising techniques), had two pieces of bad news recently. They were one of the Playtech Casinos who were still taking US wagers, but that ended recently and just a couple days afterwards; Tribeca (which provides poker software to Golden Palace) also announced their departure from the U.S. market.  So Golden Palace is pretty much out of the scene, at least the US scene. Their combination was solid: Playtech Casino, Tribeca Poker and the most ridiculous marketing techniques the gambling industry has ever seen.  Who knows how, but apparently the three of them were a powerful combination.

A huge poker operation is also in a difficult moment.  Victor Chandler is another company who will need to make some serious choices in the upcoming months.  Along with Golden Palace and Doyle?s Room, these 3 rooms are Tribeca?s most powerful skins in the market.  It seems Tribeca skins have approximately 6 months in order to decide if they wish to continue on the network and withdrawal from the US market.

Two companies who recently acquired Tribeca Tables software, and Poker Host (part of the SBG family) probably never thought this would happen so soon. recently merged their customers from Microgaming?s Prima Poker Network and Poker Host left Dobrosoft to become part of the industry leader network.

Well these are exciting times for a lot of companies.  With Absolute Poker merging with Ultimate Bet and Poker Stars expanding their empire with gigantic steps, the battle for all those lonely gambling souls in the market will be tough. 

What can we expect from the coming months? Well, expect to see tons of poker, thousands of dollars in free rolls, promotions and amazing prizes!!

Having problems with your actual poker site? Don?t stress, thousands of good guys will still take your business!!

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