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Posted: 2007/08/29 by: Chris Bibey.
Why has online poker become so popular as of late? Is there anything that makes this game more special than the others? If you have played online poker before you are probably well aware of what makes the game so great.

Online Poker: Big Winnings, Tons of Fun, and Friends Galore

 But on the other side of things, if you have never dabbled in online poker you may be thinking that the game is nothing more than an overblown exaggeration. The only way to find out what online poker has to offer is to get involved on your own. You can only take the advice and opinions of others for so long. And then it is your chance to form a first hand opinion.

As far as popularity is concerned, any game that offers the chance to win a lot of money is going to attract quite a large crowd. And saying that you can win a lot of money with online poker is an understatement. If you are a great poker player it is safe to say that you will be able to collect tens of thousands of dollars through this game alone. Is this going to be easy? In most cases, no. But if you are devoted to becoming an online poker star, there is a lot of money to be won.

How are you going to win this money? First off, you need to decide what type of game you are going to play. Are you going to join a poker room where you can compete against others at individual games? Or would you rather look into online poker tournaments where the jackpots are as big as anything you will find offline? As you can imagine, both of these options are great ways to start, and have money available. When you join an online poker room you will be competing against other player?s one hand at a time. The nice thing about this is that you can get up and walk away whenever you please. This is important if you do not have a lot of money, or on attempting to stick to a strict budget.

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Of course, an online poker tournament is a different atmosphere altogether. When you are playing in a tournament you need to have one thing available: time. If you begin to win, there is a good possibility that an online poker tournament could last for several hours. Do you have enough time to devote to this? There is nothing worse than being on a hot streak during a tournament, and then feeling pressured to move on because you have to get to work, etc.

Now that you know about the potential profits of online poker, the next thing to consider is the actual experience that you will have. In other words, is online poker any fun or does everybody play because they think they will win a lot of money? There is no denying that online poker is a fun and exciting game. But just like any online casino game, you may not fall in love with poker right away. Some players start out loving online poker from the first hand that they play, but others have to adjust over time. And of course, there is another group that never really catches onto what online poker has to offer.

Are you shying away from online poker because you are worried about the lack of communication with others? When you play poker at home with friends, or at the casino, you will be up close and personal with other competitors. But when it comes to online poker, it is just you and your computer. Your competitors are set up in another location at their computer, and this is how you will compete. But even though you will not be in the same room as other players, you can make friends through online poker. For instance, you can meet other players at the message board if your online poker room offers this feature. This will give you the chance to talk about strategy, earnings, and anything else that may tweak your interest. Even though online poker is not played with several people in each room, you can still meet others and hopefully make life long friendships.

Overall, there is not a lot that should keep you away from online poker. In fact, there are so many reasons to play that thousands of new competitors sign up each day. If you are already part of an online poker community you should stick with what you are doing. But if you have yet to give this game a fair shake, consider doing so today. You could find out that online poker becomes your favorite game. Among other things, online poker offers big potential earnings, a lot of fun, and the chance to associate with other players who are interested in the same things as you.

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